Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday Musings

I rarely go out birding on a weekend. I am free to go during the week when there are less people around, so I see no need to compete. So on Saturdays I will post a few random thoughts and perhaps a picture or two from the week. Warning the pictures won't always be of birds!

  • It always suprises me how small a Green Heron is. I guess I think all herons are supposed to be big like the Great Blue Heron.
  • Why is one clump of bushes full of birds, and the next has none?
  • Why do birds always land on the back of the tree trunk, defying identification? Are they perverse or just shy?
  • Do we consider some birds obnoxious because of their song, or does their song just add to their obnoxiousness? i.e. Grackles

  • Favorite photo of the week. A pink Peony.

    larger image

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