Friday, June 29, 2007

It's More Fun To Be Irresponsible

I had the best of intentions when I got up this morning. I would finish the reorganization of the office. One look out the window melted my resolve. After all, I have been a responsible adult all week! Filled my thermal cup with coffee, and headed out the door. Branched Oak Lake was my destination of choice.

Sat and watched this Chipping Sparrow for a spell. He was hopping around eating, and I didn't really think he would ever set long enough to get a photo. He stopped just long enough for me to get one shot off, then he flew off.

larger image

As I pulled into my last favorite spot, I thought, gee, I haven't seen any Canada Geese. Well, I found a nice mellow little flock.

larger image

I can finish the reorganization tomorrow, or Sunday, or....

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