Monday, January 5, 2009

That's My World!

Saturday morning I needed to do some errands, so I stopped at the neighborhood drive-through and got some breakfast to go. Headed to nearby Oak Lake Park to eat. It was a foggy, misty morning. This was my view as I ate my breakfast.

As it was in the mid-thirties, the ice on the lake was partly melted. It created for some interesting reflections.

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To the left of center in this photo is Memorial Stadium, home to the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. The stadium holds more than 80,000 and on football Saturdays, it is called the third largest city in Nebraska. Totally not visible slightly to the right of the stadium is the Nebraska State Capitol Building.

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Another view

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today's Flower

Today's Flower is an Iris. These Iris photos were taken at the Pfister Iris Garden. The garden is located on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska. The garden was started as a result of memorial gifts to UNL in the 1980s for the purpose of establishing an iris collection. It now includes more than 150 varieties of award-winning and named iris varieties.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Camera Critters---Cedar Waxwings

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous winter days that make it impossible to stay inside. So I headed out with cameras and Miz Winnie (the dawg). I was in search of at least one good bird photo to start the new year out right. We had been out for quite a while, and I had just mumbled to Miz Winnie that it looked like we were'nt going to score any bird photos when lo and behold we came upon a flock of Cedar Waxwings. I think they are a very elegant bird.

Cedar Waxwings are almost always found in large flocks. They are berry eaters. Waxwings are named for the waxy droplets at the end of their secondaries. Translated to nonbirdspeak, that means the red area on the wing that is very apparent in the first photo.

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Camera Critters

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Mille Lacs Lake taken leaving Lake Hennepin State Park in Minnesota

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