Friday, August 20, 2010

Whooping Cranes Chicks Will Be Monitored

photo from Lincoln Journal Star

An article in todays Lincoln Journal Star states

...nine whooper chicks now sport high-tech bling thanks to the work of two avian scientists from The Crane Trust, a conservation organization headquartered on the Platte River near Alda.

And the project marks the first time in 22 years whooping cranes have been banded on their breeding grounds in the Northwest Territories.


The global positioning system transmitters will allow biologists to track the endangered birds as they migrate up and down the continent, revealing new information about where whoopers roost, rest and, more importantly, die.

Researchers know little about the causes of premature death for a species that can live 30 years in the wild. About 80 percent of annual crane mortality occurs during the 2,500-mile spring and fall migrations.

Much more in the article