Friday, June 8, 2007

Baby Killdeer

It was a beautiful morning. It started out cool and then was just lovely, hardly any breeze, and no humidity. A welcome change after two hot and very windy days.

I was driving slowly on a gravel road at Branched Oak Lake when I spotted a Killdeer. Nothing particularly startling about that as they are fairly common, especially in that little area. I noticed the Killdeer acting rather strangely, doing the diversionary stuff they do. So I stopped the car to see why. Lo and behold there were four babies, plus two adults. The little ones were really blending into the background, and I doubt I would have noticed them but for the mother or father bringing my attention to them. One of the adults:

larger image

One of the babies:

larger image

And then there was this Song Sparrow singing his heart out.

larger image

Sat and watched him singing for quite awhile. When they sing they throw their whole body into it, all the way to a wiggling tail!

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