Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nebraska Sandhills, Day Five

Thursdays destination was Fort Niobrara NWR This is the closest refuge to the motel, so I didn't have to be moving quite so early. It was overcast and muggy when I left the motel. I was photographing flowers when I heard the rumble of thunder. Looked up just in time to see a little lightening.

larger image

There wasn't much lightening, but it sprinkled just enough to put little drops of rain on the flowers, which makes for a more interesting effect.

larger image

There are lots of Prairie Dogs.

larger image

Which of course means there are Burrowing Owls.

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There is a herd of 400 Buffalo. I saw none of them. There is also a herd of 100 Elk. There are 4 calves this year so they are all behind a fence. The fence makes for very unactractive photos.

This is another refuge that I have visited numerous times. And I always enjoy it.

The rest of the days photographs can be seen here.

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