Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nebraska Sandhills, Day Six

Friday was pack up the car and head for home day. As I neared Valentine NWR, I looked at the time and decided that I could spare an hour. My time was rewarded by this photograph of a Common Nighthawk. I had gotten another picture of one, but this photo is far better.

larger image

Of course that hour became and hour and forty minutes.

When I got to the Nebraska National Forest I looked at the time and decided to take the west entrance and go the back road into the forest. The road is marked for 4WD and there were a few dicey spots. There is now an entrance fee to the camping area. A number of years ago when I was first getting interested in birding I spent a few days here in an RV with friends. I was so new to birding that I asked a park person what a Killdeer was. Oy! It's a lovely campground on the Middle Loup River.

It was a wonderful week. The first couple of days of the coming week I will have to pretend to be a responsible adult and take care of stuff. Ugh.

The non wildlife refuge photos of the Sandhills can be found here.

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