Sunday, June 10, 2007

PBS Programs

I have been in birders heaven for the last few hours, and I never left the comfort of my recliner!

PBS showed Migration today, followed by Crane Song. Had to endure the requests for pledges during both of them.

Migration shows the migration of birds and the photography is phenomenal. There is a minimal amount of narration, so it is easy to concentrate on the beauty of the birds.

Crane Song is about the migration of Sandhill Cranes through Nebraska in the spring. The program is well done, and if your PBS station shows it, I strongly recommend watching it.

The Sandhill Crane migration through Nebraska is the thing Nebraska is known for in the birding world. During February and March about 500,000 Sandhill Cranes stop over, on and around the Platte River. During the day they feast in the corn fields and near sunset they all descend on the Platte River. Watching them come into the river is one of the most awesome things you will ever see. In the morning, about sunrise they all take off from the river en masse. A gigantic whoosh.

If you've never seen the Cranes in Nebraska, I suggest you take a peek at your calendar for next March and save out a couple of days for Nebraska. You will never forget it. Oh, and bring warm clothes, it can be wickedly cold in February and March.

There are some links in the sidebar for Sandhill Cranes. I'm sure over time I'll be adding more.

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