Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camera Critters

Todays Camera Critters are American Avocets. Avocets feed by sweeping their long bills back and forth. Females can be differentiated by shorter and more curved bills. The difference is fairly obvious in this first photo.

larger image

I just love their blue legs.

large image

The toe webbing of Avocets is well developed and they are among the few shorebirds that regularly swim. This picture sort of shows the toe webbing

larger image

Photos were taken at Pawnee Lake

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Camera Critters


Teena in Toronto said...

Look at those skinny legs!

I played too :)

ratmammy said...

What interesting looking birds!

Crafty Gardener said...

What interesting looking birds. I've got some junco and dove photos up for Camera Critters.
Linda, aka Crafty Gardener

Grammy said...

How wonderful. I have never seen one of those. Thanks.
Happy holidays

NoBS said...

Those are very cool! I've never seen them before!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

This is an intriguing post... it's amazing how slender those legs really are!!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Reader Wil said...

I have never seen such a bird, but I think it's very beautiful!
Have a merry Christmas and a happy2009.

Natural Moments said...

I too enjoy this bird, but although, I think I enjoy all of the birds. I especially like this one in winter plumage when they are just black and white. I get to see them in the Bay Area in the winter times in the numerous estuaries around the Bay. They are fun for me to watch in big groups too.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What interesting looking birds! I've never heard of avocets before but their bills are very distinctive, aren't they.

babooshka said...

I have always wanted to see this bird in the flesh. These are outstanding

Carletta said...

Never heard of one of these - nice shots and great info!

Happy Holidays!

Lilli & Nevada said...

These are amazing birds i don't think i have ever seen any like them
Happy Holidays to you and your family

June said...

Great gets!

fishing guy said...

Kayleen: What a wonderful capture of this strange bird.

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Very nice!