Saturday, December 13, 2008

Camera Critters I

I couldn't decide whether to do insects or farm animals for the Camera Critters, so I decided to do two posts.

There is a road on the north side of the Niobrara River. It has many photographic opportunities. These photos were taken when I visited in September. The first three photos were taken within about ten feet of each other.

This is a male American Rubyspot

larger image

A female American Rubyspot

larger image

This Woolly Bear Caterpillar showed the evidence of the short rain shower we had earlier in the morning.

larger image

Further down the road there was a patch of flowers where I found these guys

A Feather-legged Fly

larger image

Then there's this guy that I never did nail an id on.

larger image

And last, but not least, is a colorful guy that really moved fast. Never was able to id him either.

larger image

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Love your insect shots. Fun!

fishing guy said...

Kayleen: Excellant macro captures of the insects. I loved the all, nicely done.

Anonymous said...

The feather legged fly looks pretty interesting. I don't believe I have ever noticed one before. I'll have to keep my eyes wider open this spring. Thanks for sharing your eyes.

Misty Dawn said...

There is certainly NO WAY I can pick a favorite - these are all absolutely fantastic!

People with Cameras said...

Okay, I wasn't going to scroll down for the insects (ick) lol, but you make them look beautiful! I really like the caterpillar.

Carletta said...

Your farm animals were wonderful but these are excellent!
I love the little woolly with the raindrops - nice 'catch.'

ramblingwoods said...

Holy Cow..great macros and I love the insects...