Monday, December 8, 2008

That's My World!

I grew up in Seattle, then lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area for fourteen years. After several years in Eastern Washington, I transferred to Lincoln, Nebraska. I never intended to stay long, but that was eighteen years ago, and though leaving this area crosses my mind, I never think about it for long. Before I moved here, I was told by many I would hate it, because it was flat, it was ugly, there was no ocean, there were no mountains, there was nothing to see here. Well, I suppose that some will always believe that, but I'm going to try in my small way to prove them wrong, because I firmly believe that every type landscape/scenery has it's own beauty.

A friend from my San Francisco days had moved home to Nebraska and my first spring in Nebraska she invited me to go visit her mother who lived in the Sandhills area. And so it was that I was introduced to the Nebraska Sandhills.

From the University of Nebraska site:

The Nebraska Sandhills, which encompasses approximately 19,300 square miles of sand dunes stretching 265 miles across Nebraska, contains about 95% or 12.75million acres of rangeland.

With dunes that are as high as 400 feet, as long as 20 miles, and slopes as steep as 25 percent, the Sandhills are the largest sand dune formations in the Western Hemisphere plus one of the largest grass-stabilized dune regions in the world. The large sand masses, that were formed by blowing sand are now held in place and stabilized by vegetation that consists mainly of grasses.

Now, for some photos

larger image

larger image

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Come on back, as I will be featuring photos from the Sandhills for the photo memes for the rest of the week.


Larry D said...

I moved to Kansas from the east coast, people told me similar things or still ask when I go back. Places like the Sand Hills in Nebraska prove them wrong, nice work.

TCKK said...

Looks like a pretty place.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Kathiesbirds said...

Kayleen, nice to see you back again! What a beautiful world you live in. I agree, beauty is where you find it. You certainly know where to look!

Lilli & Nevada said...

nice set of photos for your world. Someday i would like to explore

Leora said...

Beautiful images. I especially love the bottom one; that one I would paint. I was looking at your camera; it looks like one I might like a lot! I've been checking out the Canons.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I agree with you that every area has it's own beauty. All you have to do is open your eyes. I think taking photos for a blog keeps MY eyes open, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Home is where the heart is - some friends from back east are amazed that I like Michigan.

Thanks for sharing your world and introducing me to nebraska's sandhills.

fishing guy said...

Kayleen: I do remember Kansas as flat land and a long state as I drove through it. It is nice to see another side.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

beautiful shots and a very informative post.
thanks for sharing.