Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm Glad...

that Benjamin Franklin did not prevail when he thought the Turkey should be the National Bird.

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There is a nesting pair of Bald Eagles at Squaw Creek NWR. There are presently two nests on the refuge. This is one of them

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The other one is quite a distance from the road and hard to see when there is foliage on the trees. I stopped by the Visitors Center and asked about the nests. The volunteer (bless all volunteers, they perform so many needed services) said there is only one nesting pair. He said that there had been three nests, but the third got blown down in a storm a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the eaglets had not fledged and they didn't make it. He was unsure which nest the eagles used this year, but two eaglets did fledge this year.

All the photos I took the past three days at Squaw Creek NWR can be found here.


John Mikes said...

I was in Missouri last week visiting relatives and wanted to go to Squaw Creek, but it didn't work out. I was staying with my sister just outside of St. Joe, so it would've been an easy visit.

John Mikes
Weekend Shooter

kayleen said...

It's a neat place. I wish I lived closer. I would go there far more often.