Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Good Birding Day!

The title says it! Finally, for a change, I had a good birding day!

Saw and heard lots of Gray Catbirds

larger image

And then there's this little guy

larger image

There were lots of gulls, including this guy which I think is a Franklin's Gull

larger image

Also saw Pelicans, Double Crested Cormorants and my first Pied-billed Grebe of the fall season.

Then there was this guy

larger image

So what is it? There were actually three of them, together. They were grazing along the side of the road. They seemed quite tame. They were moving along at a pretty good clip. I stopped the car, and watched them for a bit. I started the car and they paid me no attention. I backed up, to try to get an angle for a photo, they paid me no attention. Most wild critters would have bolted when I started the car up, to say nothing of backing up...So what is it?

Some of the photos were taken at Branched Oak Lake

UPDATE: Thanks to Cogresha for identifying my mystery bird as a Helmeted Guinea Fowl. He provided this site as verification, and for more information about the bird.

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cogresha said...

Looks like a Helmeted Guinea Fowl. Our neighbors growing up had some. They can be loud!