Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Was Able to Play This Morning.....

albeit briefly.

I dawdled over my coffee and didn't get rolling as early as I should have.

Among other things the doctor ordered yesterday for my mother was some physical therapy. A year ago she could walk with the assistance of a walker. Today, she cannot get herself out of a chair without assistance, and goes, even the shortest distance in a wheel chair. Anyhooo, the Physical Therapist called a couple of minutes after eight. From the conversation, I could tell that she expected me to be there during her evaluation meeting this morning. After the phone call I put my head on the steering wheel of the car and mumbled about how the fates were against me this week.

My new lens is awesome. It's heavier than the old cheapie, but it focuses so nice, and in spite of the person behind the camera takes some really nice photos.

First up is a Dogday Cicada. Isn't he ugly?

larger image

Then there is this Banded Garden Spider

larger image

I just love this photo of a dewy Aster

larger image

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