Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Was In Three States Today...

I have been checking the site for Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge for the last several weeks for the waterfowl surveys and the shorebird surveys. Yesterday afternoon it became apparent that the trip I had hoped to take next week was not going to be possible. At this point, my mother's health tests take priority over my gallivanting. So I decided spur of the moment to give myself a booby prize. And so here I am in St. Joseph, Missouri. To get here, one has to pass through Iowa, hence the title of this post.

I couldn't leave until late afternoon. I made one quick pass through Squaw Creek this afternoon. I saw lots of Great Blue Herons

larger image

And lots of Pied-bill Grebes

larger image

And I got a new life bird today. A Little Blue Heron. Took one really awful photo. Hopefully next time I see one, I'll get a better photo

More photos to come tomorrow!

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