Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quivira NWR

A few words about Quivira NWR tonight. Quivira is located about 35 miles southeast of Great Bend, Kansas.

The name of the refuge comes from a Native American tribe that lived in the area. It is a major stopover point for northward and southward migrations for thousands of bird.

From the Quivira NWR website

As part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, Quivira National Wildlife Refuge offers opportunities for wildlife observation and photography, environmental education and interpretation and hunting, and fishing. Bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities abound at Quivira NWR. Quivira NWR has two large salt marshes, and both are excellent places to look for birds such as mallards, wood ducks, pintails, white pelicans, shorebirds and more. Additionally, bobcats, coyotes, and other mammals are often seen lurking about during the heat of the afternoon. For a wonderful wildlife opportunity, Quivira offers an experience you won't find anywhere else in Kansas.

I was a bit late for the shorebirds, though there were some around, and a little early for great numbers of waterfowl. In the two days I was there I did see a difference in the number of birds. On Wednesday I didn't see any gulls, Thurdsay there was a good number of gulls. Would love to go again in a couple of weeks. Will have to see....

Was suprised to see some Greater White-fronted Geese mixed in amongst the Canada Geese

larger image

All of the Quivira photos I took are here.

I'll do a post on Cheyenne Bottoms tomorrow.

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