Monday, October 22, 2007

I Hit A Jackpot Today

Went to a lake today that isn't a part of the state system and got some really nice (I think) photos.

First up is a White-crowned Sparrow

larger image

An immature White-crowned Sparrow

larger image

A Harris's Sparrow

larger image

A Song Sparrow

larger image

A female Northern Cardinal

larger image

And last but not least a Spotted Towhee

larger image


Larry said...

Excellent photos!-I've been trying to get a picture of a Towhee this Fall but they seem to like to hide in the bushes.-I don't think we get Harris Sparrow in CT.

kayleen said...

I rarely see Towhees so I felt really fortunate to not only see this guy, but to get a photo. According to range maps, this area is on the edge of the range for both Eastern and Spotted Towhees. Interestingly I have seen and photographed both at this lake.

Kathie said...

Nice photos! I love white-crowned sparrows, they're so easy to identify! I'm still learning the more difficult ones. I've just moved to AZ and am having to learn all kinds of new birds! As for towhees, I've had canyon towhees in my yard and green-tailed towhees in the desert around me. I've also seen Abert's towhees and spotted towhees here. Nice Blog!