Saturday, October 20, 2007

All's Well That Ends Well

Last night while the dawg was out for her evening constitutional, I decided to step out on the deck to see what I could see or hear. The potted plants on the deck are long past their prime, but I have left them thinking that the birds might enjoy what is left.

Much to my surprise a sparrow of some sort (probably a female House Sparrow) flew out of the foliage and through the open slider right into my dining/living room. While the bird bounced off the walls and ceiling, I pondered how to help it get back outside where it belongs. So every time it lit I rattled a newspaper and off it would fly. When it flew into the kitchen, I went and opened the door to the garage.

(The dawg has a dog door out the kitchen door into the garage, and another dog door out the side door of the garage into the back door.)

At just the moment the dawg came into the kitchen, the sparrow flew over her head out into the garage. Fortunately the dawg could care less about birds and was unfazed by a bird flying over her head. I quickly closed the dog door and went out into the garage. I stood there for a moment watching the sparrow, then opened the garage door. Instead of flying out through the open door the sparrow flew between the open garage door and the ceiling of the garage and lit on the open garage door close to the outside wall.

I stood there for a few moments pondering what to do next. I decided if I closed the garage door one of three things would happen. The sparrow would be pushed outside and our mutual adventure would be over, or it would fly back into the garage, or worst of all the little gal would get squished by the closing door. I decided the latter was highly unlikely. Soooo, I pushed the button to close the door. For a moment it looked like the sparrow would fly back into the garage, but then made the best choice and flew to freedom.

I hope the little gal found herself a nice roost and slept well the rest of the night!

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