Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Things You Learn

On September 1st ( a date that I can chronicle because of the dating imbedded in digital photographs) I was at the Nature Center at one of the parks in town. I was there hoping to photograph wildflowers. I got to talking to one of the ladies there and she told me there were Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed plants. The pictures I took that day, and the knowledge imparted by the lady at the Nature Center sparked an already burgeoning interest in butterflies, caterpillars, and insects you see when you are poking around looking for something to take a photo of.

Today's photograph is of a Robber Fly. During my search to find out what exactly I had taken a photo of I found out there are a total of 7,000 varieties of Robber Flies world wide and that there are nearly 1,000 varieties in North America. They are interesting looking critters. This site has more information.

larger image

Photo taken at Twin Lakes WMA

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I think this is your species of robber fly. You can check it out at: