Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's A Bird!

It was a drizzly, humid morning, so I opted to do other things this morning.

I scrolled down through the most recent posts, and it looks like this is a butterfly blog, rather than a blog about birding. So I looked back through my recent pictures looking for a bird picture. I haven't taken many lately! But here is one from last week.

A Northern Shrike. They are often seen perched on a telephone wire (as this guy is). They hunt from this perch. Their prey include large insects, small lizards, mice, and small birds. Shrikes will impale their prey on thorns or barbed wire. (ugh, I never like seeing the survival of the fittest thing)

larger image

Photo taken near Stagecoach Lake SRA.

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Dana said...

I have been watching these guys in the fields on my way into Lincoln. They are amazing to watch as they flit and dive. I assume they are successful...I do have to watch the road, too, after all!