Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday's Adventures

After feeling crummy all weekend, I woke up Monday morning feeling decent. So I filled up my thermal cup with coffee and off I went to my favorite lake. I turned off the highway onto a gravel road and within a few hundred feet, venturing forth was made worthwhile! There was a family of Ring-necked Pheasants. It was hard to count the younguns, but it looked like there were eight or nine of them. They were on the passenger side of the car, so no hope of getting any photos. Daddy was about ten feet away from Mom and the kids. Mom and some of the kids were in the grass alongside the road and three of the kids were on the road. Since photos were out of the question, I just sat back and watched. Mom and Dad were definitely aware I was there, but they didn’t seem too concerned. Eventually Mom headed toward the cornfield and the younguns soon followed suit. Once they had all disappeared into the cornfield, I continued on my way.

I parked on the boat ramp, which at this lake is a perfect spot to view whatever birds that happen to be on or over the water. It’s also a good point to view all kinds of other birds. While sitting there, there were two visitors to water’s edge.

A Mourning Dove

larger image

A female Red-winged Blackbird

larger image

Now I know they aren’t very exotic, but I can never pass up the opportunity to get a good picture of any bird.

Headed on to Branched Oak Lake and returned to the spot where I have seen Lark Sparrows. I got one really crummy photo. So I shall keep trying. Maybe even tomorrow!

***PLEASE NOTE*** I have added an update to yesterdays post.

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