Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watery Wednesday

I had planned to head out to Kearney, Nebraska today for some Sandhill Crane watching today. Went to meet friends for breakfast before leaving, and we were having freezing drizzle. Freezing drizzle doesn't make for good driving conditions, so I'm sitting here in the warmth of my home grinding my teeth over the vagaries of March weather in Nebraska. At least I have a nice warm home to be in!

So back to Texas photos we go...

North of the Rockport/Fulton area is the Copano Bay Causeway. On the other side of the bridge (barely visible in this photo) is the original wooden causeway. It is now a fishing pier. I can't find where I read about the original causeway, but it was quite a marvel at the time it was built.

larger image

While looking for information on the causeway, I found this site with more photos.

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Guy D said...

Fantastic image, I would love to see that in person.

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Photo Cache said...

Oh what a lovely bridge. Thanks for providing a larger version.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Sorry you had to stay home. It's drizzling here too!

Kathy said...

Awww bless your heart. Its hard when your wanting spring but the weather still says winter. It was in the 80's here yesterday and a cold front came through today and dropped the temps almost 35 degrees.
Love your shot of the bridge. Looks like a great place to visit.


Funny how a big construction like that bridge can look so peaceful and picturescuely, almost floating on the water! Great shot!

Anonymous said...

That's a great view & I'm glad you added a larger shot of the photo - I wanted to look a bit closer at the overall scene! I hope winter gets kicked outa your area soon too!!!

beautiful said...

Spring is just around d corner. Wait and see ... Nice bridge !

Glennis said...

Thats a very long bridge, a master piece of construction.

ROSIDAH said...

It still looks marvelous. Best wishes :)

CindyRae said...

If any of you have time in Texas, drive south from Houston on 288 and pickup 35 near Angleton.

Drive through farm country until Palacios where 35 parallels the coast.

Keep going on 35 across the bays. Take the short ferry at Port Aransas and travel down Mustang Island to Corpus Christi.

Along the "boring" part of this route through farm country, I've seen an ostrich farm, a family cattle drive, hawks, assorted other critters, and what I swear was a couple of ibis (huge, curved long beaks) heading for a NWR.

The causeways over the bays -- especially with sun shining on the water -- are beautiful, often with gulls of various types.

Around the ferry you can see cormorants, brown pelicans, shorebirds, and, of course, gulls.

If you're lucky you'll see dolphins in the channel. I saw two coming up one day; when they got closer, it was clear a young dolphin was between them as they surfaced repeatedly.

Down Mustang Island at several spots you can see the roseate spoonbills and a large variety of other birds.

Across the bridge to Corpus (now that's an impressive bridge), keep an eye out on the causeway for the endangered skimmers.

Well, I'm making myself a little homesick. Just not for the hot weather! (Don't go June-August!!)


Tess said...

Beautiful shot! very nice bridge and the water look so calm and cold.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That sort of looks like Sanibel Bridge in southwest Florida. The old and new one are a study in contrasts too.