Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skywatch Friday

This photograph was taken in November near Salt Plains NWR in Oklahoma.

Abandoned houses always fascinate me. I can’t help but wonder why someone, anyone, would abandon a home, especially one that looks like it was a nice home at one time.

larger image

I love the fluffy white clouds in this photo.

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Maalie said...

That old wind pump looks very evoctative.

Guy D said...

These abandoned farmyards/houses always make for fantastic photos.

Have a great weekend!
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Rob Ripma said...

Great shot! It realy does look like it was a beautiful home at one point in time.

Lene said...

I have the same facination for abandoned houses, and I capture them all the time. This one is beautiful - and I love the color :)

Ken Reynolds said...

Great blog! I love this photo. It perfectly shows off the Great Plains landscapes that have inspired me since I was young. Good job!

Bradley Myers said...

It does look like a nice house, maybe I should relocate. Good post.

B Squared said...

The house doesn't look that bad. Certainly a nice setting.

MaineBirder said...

A little elbow grease and it could be a beautiful home again.

Lovely photo!

Sue said...

That does look like it was a nice house. I was thinking I'd like a house like that, with what looks like a huge enclosed porch or sun room.

I came here to thank you for telling me how you were able to see the marshy area. It made sense to me, because we eat at Cracker Barrel sometimes, and drive by there.

We'll have to check it out. Have a great weekend!