Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A need for restoration

Today was one of those days when one had to pretend, at least for awhile, to be a responsible adult. First off was a weekly breakfast with friends, none of whom are into birding, and most of whom just look at me like I'm from another planet when I talk about it. Then it was off to run errands, most of which were for my elderly mother. Then it was a stop at her place. Anyone who has ever dealt with an elderly parent whose mental and physical skills have diminished will understand that one never knows what you will encounter when you go to visit. Today was not one of the good days. Sigh.

After leaving mother's I felt the need of a little restoration. Lincoln has a garden that is called Sunken Gardens. It is an oasis, in spite of being located at a very busy intersection. Because is it "sunken" the noise from the busy streets is muffled and barely noticable. It had a humble beginning:

The Sunken Gardens of Lincoln, at the southwest corner of 27th and D Streets, has been the pride and joy of citizens since its completion in 1931. This 1.5 acre lot was constructed over the winter of 1930-31, during the worst financial depression the United States ever experienced. This project was part of a program used by the City of Lincoln as an opportunity for unemployed men to earn money to support their families. The program helped families survive hard times, as very little money was available for employment in any line of work.

A couple of years ago it was totally renovated. The renovation was funded by local and corporate contributions. It is

The only Nebraska garden listed in the "300 Best Gardens to Visit in the United States and Canada" in the National Geographic Guide to Public Gardens!

I knew when I stopped there that the Parks people would probably be planting the annuals that make up a good part of the garden. The place was a hive of activity. They were rototilling, planting, and mulching. In spite of the activity, there was a calming influence on my soul. There are two fish ponds and I was drawn to them because there was very little activity in that area. I sat and watched the fish swim. I suppose someday I will have to figure out what kind of fish they are, but that was not my focus today. There are water lilies in the fish ponds and they were just beginning to bloom and I wished for my camera which was at home.

This photograph of the garden shows it in it's full glory. The photgraph was taken during the latter part of June last year.

My favorite water lily from last year.

The fish ponds are also home to numerous varieties of dragonflies. This is a Widow Skimmer.

As I walked back to my car, I was thankful for all those who were laboring there today, so that I may enjoy sights like those above yet again in the coming weeks.

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