Sunday, May 27, 2007

Alas, No Bird Photos

Sitting next to a wetland this morning, the Killdeer were really chattering. A good deal of the chatter seemed to be coming from one particular Killdeer. After about 20 minutes, I said, enough already, I can't hear anyone else but you. A few moments later an Eastern Kingbird swooped the offender and then proceeded to chase him for about a minute or so. Think possibly the kingbird was tired of listening to him also? Regardless, I thanked the kingbird graciously.

Driving on to the next spot, a Western Kingbird flew in front of me. She was carrying so much nesting material that it extended behind her. Looked like one of those little planes with the sign flying behind it! Alas, no pictures.

Up the road a bit, I sat and watched 3 Yellow Warblers chasing each other. They never sat still for a second, but it looked like 2 males and 1 female. Poor outnumbered female. There were a couple of Common Yellowthroats in the same area. They were singing their hearts out. Got 2 pictures, but there was just enough breeze he looks like a yellowish blob, and in the 2nd, he had flown away. My patient(?) waiting was not rewarded with another opportunity. Alas, no pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

Frustrated by my inability to catch a bird sitting still, I headed off to photograph an old house, some old barns and windmills that I have never seemed to have the time to photograph before.

When you seen an old house like this, that looks like it may have been quite a lovely home at one time, I always wonder why it hasn't been kept up, or at least sold to someone who would.

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