Friday, July 9, 2010

Home, Again

Plans are what you make until you know what you have done. I was supposed to be in Seattle now, and at a family wedding on Saturday. Miz Winnie had a kerfuffle with other dogs in Dickinson, and so I decided not to go to Seattle where she would be exposed to other dogs, and potential other kerfuffles. She was, at some point before I got her from the rescue group traumatized by other dogs. Thought we were at the point were we might be past that, but, well we aren't. Going to try to find some professional help in solving this problem...

Anyway, I was flipping through the photos that I took on our travels and realized that I had not posted this photo from Fort Niobrara NWR.

It's a just out of the nest Eastern phoebe. There was at least one nestling still in the nest that the mother was feeding.

Isn't he/she cute?


Kathiesbirds said...

That is one wild 'do! So sorry you missed your wedding in Seattle. Hope you get those behavior issues worked out.

Miriam said...

cute and curious :)