Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bowdoin NWR

Don't have a lot to show for the last couple of days. Spent part of Thursday and Friday at Bowdoin NWR in Montana. Weather and lighting were not particularly cooperative.

Did get a few shots of this American avocet. Notice the blue legs. Don't they contrast nicely with his other colors?

Black-necked stilts always seem so ungainly

Enroute to Missoula I saw this Trumpeter swans at Blackfoot WPA. There were three foraging together. A lovely sight to behold.


ivars krafts said...

I've been behind in reading the blogs I try to follow, including yours. Thank you for the beautiful photos & the narratives of your recent travels. What fun!

Kathiesbirds said...

I love avocets!

Miriam said...

the avocets are amazing.. great shots!