Monday, February 1, 2010

Port Lavaca

I moved south on the Texas coast today. I was running way ahead of schedule and when I got to Port Lavaca I decided to take some time and see if I could see a bird or two. Last year I looked high and low for this bird. Never did find one. I drove onto a pier and looked at the Laughing gulls, the Herring gulls, and the grackles and then I saw them. There were two of them. Behold

American Oystercatcher


troutbirder said...

Beautiful pictures throughout. And thanks for the information on the crane migration. We head west several time a year on I-80 to visit the grandchildren in Colorado. I think March would be a good month to go! :)

kayleen said...

Hey troutbirder, thanks for stopping by. I think everyone should "do" the cranes at least once in their lifetime. But, of course I'm biased!