Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homestead National Monument Request For Birders

It's raining on the coast of Texas today...

Homestead National Monument is looking for volunteers:

Homestead National Monument of America is looking for birders to help us with a monitoring project and special events. Homestead NM of America is a National Park Service site located four miles west of Beatrice on Nebraska State Hwy 4. The monument is just over 200 acres in size, 100 acres is restored tallgrass prairie, 60 acres riparian woodland with the rest located along Cub Creek.

The breeding bird monitoring will consist of visiting 48 points within the park and counting all the birds heard and seen for five minutes. It is estimated that it will take approximately 4-5 mornings to complete the yearly monitoring. The sampling will begin no sooner than the first full week of May and extend no later than the second full week of June. During sampling conducted in 2009 within the tallgrass prairie, 48 species were observed, Dickcissels were observed the most (748), followed by the Red-winged Blackbird (482), and the Common Yellowthroat (286).

I am also interested in volunteers who may be able to assist or join us for "Birds and Bagel" events held on Saturday, May 8 and June 5 and 7 a.m.

If you are interested in helping with the projects please contact me, Jesse Bolli, at or call me at 402-223-3514.

The monument's main page

I stopped by there earlier this year and took a few photos

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