Thursday, February 28, 2008

Went out to Branched Oak Lake again this afternoon. In the melted area there were more Canada Geese than yesterday. Added to yesterdays mix were Common Goldeneyes and Redheads. Yesterday there were three Ring-billed Gulls, today there were at least fifty. The two Bald Eagles were still there, though not sitting in the trees keeping watch.

There has been a large nesting box that I have often wondered about. Today I found out who is, at least presently, using it. When I saw him, he was about half way out of the box. When I stopped, he retreated, but kept an eye on me. I opened the sunroof and got this shot of him. Was sure opening the sunroof would totally spook him, but it didn't.

larger image

Headed south to Pawnee Lake to see if the lake was melting also. It was. There was a nice sized mixed flock of Canada, Cackling, and Greater White-fronted Geese. There were also two Snow Geese.

There were also at least two good sized flocks of Cedar Waxwings.

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