Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Evidence Spring Is On the Way

I went out to Branched Oak Lake this morning. There are areas of the lake that are beginning to melt. In one area where the most melting had occurred was a small flock of Canada geese, several Mallards and two or three Ring-billed Gulls. Watching over them in the trees on the adjacent shore were two Bald Eagles. Another small bit of evidence that spring is on it's way.

Like the absent minded professor, I left the camera sitting on the kitchen counter. The camera bag was in the car, so I didn't notice the error of my ways until it was far too late. Hence, no pictures today.

On a personal note. Regular readers will know I have a 96 year old mother with dementia/Altzheimers. She has been living in an independent living facility. For the past year or so there have been Home Health Aids with her 24/7. It has become increasingly difficult for them to care for her on every level. Mostly because the dementia/Altzheimers is progressing at a steady rate. I have had her on a waiting list for the "best" nursing home in town for awhile. I have been notified that they have a room available. So my energies for the next while will be directed to getting her moved and settled. I do not know how that will impact my ability to be out and about observing the spring migration, or posting on this blog.

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