Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going A Different Direction

Wednesday I decided to go in an entire different direction. Since I live on the west end of Lincoln, it is the path of least resistance to head a little further west and north to Branched Oak Lake, or Pawnee Lake.

Part of the reason I don't like heading east is it entails a trip on I-80. I have lived in this area 17+ years and there has always been contruction somewhere between Lincoln and Omaha. On this particular day I counted 9 speed limit changes in the mere 35 miles I traveled on I-80, which means you just get the cruise control set, and settled back in your seat, and the speed limit changes.

My destination of choice was Schramm Park State Rec. Area, Louisville State Rec. Area, and Platte River State Park. Schramm Park is about five miles south of I-80, then you head south for a bit, cross the Platte River and are at Louiville SRA, then head north a bit and you are at Platte River State Park. A loop made in state park heaven!

It was a gray, overcast day and I didn't expect to take many photos. At Schramm there was a pool next to the old fishery building that wasn't frozen. There was a good number of Mallards and Canada Geese. It was obvious they were accustomed to being fed, as I slowed the car to look they all started to swim towards me. The geese were so tame that they came up out of the pool and up onto the road. One walked right up to the car and looked in the window as if to say, "where's the bread lady?" He was so close I could have touched him. When I produced no food he moved on just far enough to start pecking on the rear tire. I leaned out and softly told him to stop it. He looked at me sassily and then waddled on. There were some domestic ducks. Thought the guy with the gray head was kind of pretty.

larger image

Across the road, I sat and watched the Platte River flow by for awhile

larger image

I didn't take any pictures at Louisville, but it looked like good birding territory for another day.

At Platte River State Park I took a picture of this domestic goose. He too was obviously accustomed to being fed since he wandered right toward the car.

larger image

A nice little excursion and I'll do it again.


Kathiesbirds said...

Looks like gray head may be a peking/mallard cross! Nice photos. Since you live near the Platte, do you get the sandhill cranes there? Also, thanks for visiting my Blog today.

kayleen said...

Yup the gray head is probably a mallard cross. It isn't real apparent in that photo, but he has the curly feathers that a mallard has.

The closest crane viewing is about 90 miles west of Lincoln. I usually go even further west to Kearny because I like that area better.

Starting in February I plan to do some posts about the cranes. Am hoping to spend a few days down there in March, which I will definitely post about!

Larry said...

Nice photos! I love it when I'm able to visit multiple birding spots that fit together in a loop so nicely!

kayleen said...

Yuppers, enjoyed it so much I did it again today.