Friday, November 2, 2007

Squaw Creek NWR

My original intent was to come down and spend at least two days in and around the area of Squaw Creek NWR. Then last weekend I had a budget busting visit by the dawg to the emergency vet clinic. I usually drop the dawg off at dawgie motel for these forays. In good conscience I could not take her out there, plus there was the budget busting factor. So I said oh well and forgot about it. Thursday night I decided she was well enough to come with me and called and made reservations at a motel for the two of us. She always used to come with me, but the last couple of years, as she's gotten older, she has seemed to not enjoy these jaunts. She has been really good and has appeared to enjoy the journey so far. (Phew)

It was a gorgeous day.

larger image

Saw lot's of Northern Pintails

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I liked this photo of a Great Egret

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Didn't take many photos today...will have to do better tomorrow.

The rest of the days photos are here.

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