Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Day On Texas Coast

My first day on the Texas coast didn't yield much photo wise. I was short on all sorts of supplies, so I decided that took first precedence. When you travel with a dog, meals consist of fast food and what you can fix in a microwave in the motel room. In an effort to eat in a somewhat healthy way, I am trying to buy stuff that I can fix in the microwave. Once I get to Rockport and have a kitchenette with a real stove it will be the meantime....

Went down to the beach at Quintana for starters. Wanted to sit by the ocean. Having grown up and lived a good portion of my life on the west coast, I miss the ocean. This is the only photo from there.

Herring gull

Went over to Brazoria NWR. By the time I got there it was early afternoon. Not exactly prime bird watching time. Saw a nice number of birds, but most were out of range of the camera.

Black vulture

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CE Webster said...

You captured a couple of very nice pictures! I enjoyed them.